Looking for entertainment for your next event? You have come to the right place. Famous Longhorn breeder Col. Eddie Wood of Payday Ranch located in Wynnewood, Oklahoma said it best with just one sentence. “A Texas Longhorn steer will stop more people than a dead man”. He couldn’t have said it better or be more right. We often are a part of a Store opening and bring 2 to 3 Texas Longhorn steers that always stop traffic. The Longhorn Wranglers are an all female crew to boot. Most say “this is a chance of a lifetime” event. We have many ideas to attract folks to your Mall or Store location. Our company txlonghornforhire.com has many photos available for your use to promote your opening or community event. Our clients often display posters announcing the Longhorns visit combined with radio or TV Commercials. Some of our cleaver Clients alert the news media that a 2,300lb Texas Longhorn Steer will be in their parking lot, not a common site for most Towns. The Cowgirls are professionally dressed in western attire and are pros in front of the News cameras. The Cowgirls lace every sentence with your Stores name and ask for folk to come to the event. Picture perfect in front of your store! Banners of your store name and logo can be mounted to our 21foot trailer or used as a backdrop in photo

Our Clients are often the sponsors of a community event. They hire the Longhorns to not only add to the entertainment but represent their Company. We display provided banners or posters with Company logo and information. The Longhorns are a great way to add an educational value that an inflatable game can’t. The Cowgirls will share all kinds of fun facts about the Longhorns and their rich history. They are the true Texas symbol and we are determined to never let them be forgotten.

Mayor of Houston Sylvester Turner


We can custom the Longhorns appearance fee in several ways. Great, all we need to quote is the number of guests expected. Others are unsure of attendance so we do recommend some kind of crowd control or a ticket for a photo.  Just give us a call at (979) 826-9185 or email from our site www.txlonghornforhire.com and we can make your next event a memory of a lifetime.