We take pride in our Longhorns and sadly enough there is limited information about the rich History of the Texas Longhorns. To our knowledge, there is only one book existing about Longhorns written by Frank Dobie. Did you know the BIG HORN COWS came over from Europe and they became the only breed originated in the USA? We can bring fascinating stories and true-life tales we have gathered from breeders and Longhorn owners. We are frequently approached at events and asked: “What are they”? Most people we meet have no knowledge that the Longhorns almost went into extinction. We are constantly gathering information and welcome your Longhorn stories.

The Longhorns arrive at your location in their specially equipped trailer frequently used as our backdrop. We use portable split rail fence surrounding the Steers. The steers set up is decorated in true Texas theme, proudly displaying the Texas and American flags.

The information that we share is in an age-appropriate manner. We welcome all questions, heck most have never been so close to livestock. The young ones also have a fascination with the Clydesdale trailer. We often let them look at the living quarters and the stock area of the trailer. We share with them how the Longhorns are loaded and how it is important to have good driving manners when traveling near a trailer. I guess we are guilty of trying to grow polite future drivers.

The Longhorns are available for photo’s to remember the day. This is truly a chance of a lifetime and will be remembered forever. We frequently see a smile come to a senior face and they tell us they had their picture made when they were young. Nothing new, almost forgotten and still cool!