Having a special event such as a Company picnic, Corporate event, Festival or a Community event? Entertaining folks from out of town or folks from overseas? Let’s show them how to party like Texans. All you need to do is make one phone call to us and let us do all the work. We offer the best of all things in Texas. Many of our Customers are not from Texas and wouldn’t even know where to start other than the same Barbecue restaurants over and over again. Why not do something different for your next event that is true to Texas.

Texans think big, like really really big Texas Longhorn photo Steers to entertain and photograph your guests. That’s a great way to say welcome to Texas. Our lead Steer “Hotshot” is 2300lbs of pure Longhorn with over 6 foot of horns.  Next, we would recommend for bigger crowd Armadillo races, yup that’s right! The guests are given gloves and a live Armadillo to coach to the finish line. The winner receives a little Texas theme prize as a winner of the Armadillo race to take home. Say you have little ones to entertain too? We can provide the prettiest ponies and petting zoo found in Texas. We guarantee the cleanest and the most well taken care of animals in the business. Our staffs are true Cowgirls and Cowboys and are very knowledgeable about their animals and happy to share interesting information too.

The other thing Texas is known for is great food and freshly cooked. Roasted custom smoked meats, not just average restaurant takeout. We offer a large selection of meats, poultry, seafood, sides, salads and homemade cobblers. Authentic, seasoned just right, freshly cooked and just plain good. We have cook-off
team pits to serve off of as well as real Chuckwagons to add to the Texas theme. For large gatherings, a pitchfork fondue is a big hit. The team uses real pitchforks loaded with pork and beef to hot oil, searing the flavor in and is never greasy. The best you have ever tasted. Some of our Customers ask us to cater the entire stay of their event so we also offer Breakfast and lunch options as well delivered to your location.
This can save you money and time. We have a wide variety to choose from including several vegetarian options. We do have a minimum of 30 meals at one time, however, we have provided “hotdog service” for 5,000.

Well, it would be nice to hear some Texas Music with all the festivities. We have very good friends in the industry that we book for events. These Cowboys and Cowgirls can entertain with the best of them with all the old favorites. From Ms. Letty, now in the Country music hall of Fame to some good Texas favorites bands or a Country DJ. Just give us a call at (979) 826-9185 or check out our site at www.txlonghornforhire.com