We are all about the Steers and they are herd Animals and prefer to be with another Longhorn. Due to that we only work with a pair Longhorns or more.
The Longhorns travel in a 21’ plus trailer in total comfort. We often work downtown Houston and Austin
locations and some require a permit to be secured by Client. Parking has to be secured with Venue and that
frees us to concentrate on the Animals and the event.
We have worked for many years with City and State agencies that require insurance. We carry a 2 Million
Dollar policy and happy to say without any claims.
We offer our trailer set up with rustic fencing and flying the Texas and US Flags if the venue has room. We
also can be mobile with the Steers at the venue. We do require fencing around the Steers for crowd control.
We do stay Weather aware and stay in contact with the Client about weather issues. We will do anything possible to save the day.
Once the Longhorns/services are booked by Client an invoice will follow to secure the date.

We accept payment in Cash or check made payable to Diana Tatum

Please call us for any questions that you may have. We try to meet every need to make your event a success. We can customize our visit and make every effort please most requests. We are proud to say we have a great referral record and have some events booked a year in advance. We appreciate your participation in keeping the Texas Longhorn Legend alive.