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Hotshot, one big STEER

Hotshot is an 11 year old Steer born in Aledo, Texas at Panther Creek Ranch. He registered with Texas Longhorn breeder Association of America in 2000. He was purchased by famous Longhorn riding Steer trainer Janise Heinze in North Texas.

Janise trained him to ride, parade and perform in obstacle coarse division of competition in the World Longhorn Show in Fort Worth. Hotshot placed second place for Janise in World competion. Janise then sold him to Bob & Debbie Bowman of Benton, Kansas. They a big time breeders but thought the kids would like a riding Steer just for fun. The kids went on to other interest. That’s where I came in. I met the Bowman’s in Fort Worth World show. You see I was on a mission for my first Riding Steer. "Hotshot" picked his last owner- Me.

I thought he was big at that time and he was around 3 years old. I worked so hard to gain his trust. This took awhile. I called Janise the "Steer whisper" and she laughed and said "He always has been so stubborn!" So here I go ride, ride, ride! Then a year or so later.."Oh Happy day" we bonded! My guess is he decided to cooperate with me. He has been a delight every since.

I have so much trust in him and choose him as the Steer of choice for all infant and handicap guest on his saddle. I swear He knows the difference of the special need individual or tiny infant. He is so still, nothing can move him. Many of a time have I witnessed a handicap guest accidentally drop a leg with braces on Hotshot. He never moved. He knows his rider is precious.

So many people look at him and say "He looks mean". Not true, you see his face is totally black. Underneath is the sweetest Longhorn you would ever want to know and the biggest "cry- baby" in the pasture. His buddy is "Gateway" if one leaves the other even to another pasture, Hotshot will start to cry! Real big "Crocodile" tears rolling down his black face

I think his size plays a part too. He was once booked for a "guess his weight contest" for Purina clinic. We had to use truck scales to weigh him. The Cowboy almost fell over when he said" Hotshot’s total weight is 2300 lbs."

I recently bought a small economic car as many of you have. I read the manual of my new "wheeled ride". Hotshot weighs 400lbs more than my car! You sure can tell that when he steps on your foot! Thanks God I have always been on soft ground.

We can tell those who have studied Texas Longhorn History. They often say "He’s an old WR. Which means from the Wildlife refuge dating back to the 1930’s when they started keeping records of bloodlines. His massive head, 6’ of horns and line backer markings leave no doubt. He’s the real deal!

Hotshot’s trust and bond that we have has walked us through many strange place’s. George R. Brown convention center, 3rd floor, Billy Bob’s night club in Dallas/Fort Worth and even a Jewish Synagogue inside 3 sets of glass doors!