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is the BIGGEST at 2300lbs and 12 years old. He is more of the traditional Texas Longhorn and his hide is black and white with huge horns. Most take a look and say "He's the old WR" meaning going back to the Wildlife Rescue herd.


is our class clown at 7 years old and is 1900lbs. We took a look at his splashy color and thought of the "Gateway Computer" box. He has big soft expressive eyes and a big fan club!


is the new kid on the block. He is 6 years old, orange and white and very smart. His huge feet and big horn base promises to perhaps grow larger than Hotshot. He is a "Redneck" complete with a missing tooth!

The Longhorns are carefully chosen and not every Longhorn can do the job we ask that they do. We look for kindness, intelligence, and how they are built. If they are not smart, then you can't train them to do their job. We break and train our own and the finishing touches are perfected by Janise Heinz.

The training never ends. We put the steers through a five day a week program. We train the steers to remain calm while working near loud noises, in narrow spaces, and crossing over bridges. They are trained in much the same manner as police patrol horses. This not only helps make the steers safe, but it also builds trust between the handler and the steer. The steers also gain confidence and calmness so they are comfortable working at any type of venue. We are proud to say that we do not drug our animals, we just work harder!