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tx longhorns frequently asked questions

We strive to deliver the best of entertainment to our customers. The compliment we often hear is "You guy’s are a pleasure to work with." Music to our ears but we earn our keep! Txlonghornforhire.com prepare for every need to deliver quality service. Thinking of every need before we leave the Ranch. The Animal’s are bathed for each event, top to bottom a treat they love. Hay, grain and treats as well as saddles for the Longhorns are loaded. Depending on the length of the event and props, load in could be a day in advance, all cleaned and serviced. We recharge extra batteries for Camera’s, load double printer’s, lighting and all paper and ink with backup supplies. This equipment is the last to load just before we leave due to sensitivity to cold or heat.

We check and double-check our route to event. The Client has our cell number for any updates or changes before our arrival. We will leave extra early if dealing with peak traffic times in major cities. Our arrival time is normally is one hour prior to event start. It’s better to be early than on minute late is our motto. The Photo Steer’s traditional event set up requires about 30 minute’s to complete.

What do we need from You?

Electricity for Printer’s level ground, lined trash can for clean-up and a water source for the Steers.

What if it rain’s?

We invested in the right equipment. The trailer is specially equip with power awning and we add lighting to save the day. The only issue we cannot avoid is thunder and lightning. The saddles have metal components and would not be suitable for severe conditions for the guest or the Steers.

How much room is needed?

We can set up almost anywhere and are quite mobile. We can use our Trailer as a back drop and is specially equip for events. The trailer is 21’ in length and has drop down floor to unload the Steer’s. We need as much room as possible for trailer display including split railing enclosing the Steer’s and tie-down space located behind trailer. The display is awesome and a great way to impress your guest.

Can we work in a provided location?

Yes. We just need a couple of things in addition to electricity. The Steers need to have the security of something around them such as a temporary fence or enclosure. Provided secure area will also aid in crowd control and a little extra security for wondering Toddlers. We use a 6’ foot table for printers and photos away from the Steers.

What Payment do you except?

We do require a check deposit of ½ of the total to save the date for your event. Once agreement is made and contract emailed we require deposit check with one week of agreement and non-refundable. The remainder of the total is due the week of or at our arrival and before our set up at the event. Cash is required if the individual is paying for photo. In the event we are keep count of photos taken for payment by client at the end of event, we require payment in full at the end of the event. Cow- tipping is allowed.

Do you have Event Insurance?

Yes.We carry One Million dollar insurance coverage. The Insurance is very strict and we evaluate all request of the Steers appearance. We even evaluate the Guest ability to have the physical ability to safely get on or off the Steers. We have the right to refuse if guests are not physically fit, under the influence or conducting bad behavior. The Steers also have a weight limit but we have several on the ground suggestions with the Steers that are just as fun.

Please call us for any questions that you may have. We try to meet every need to make your event a success. We can customize our visit and make every effort please most requests. We are proud to say we have a great referral record and have some events booked a year in advance. We appreciate your participation in keeping the Texas Longhorn Legend alive.