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Holiday Parties

The Holidays are a very magical time in Texas. Even though we rarely have a White Christmas and some of us have even wore shorts on Christmas day. Texans get into it in a very big way. I know the Steers do and preparations have been made for their transformation for the season. You see the problem is Texas is such a big state the Reindeer can’t possibly hold up to that big of a job. That’s where the Steer’s promise their Texas best. You see they turn into Texas Rein-Steers from mid November till December 25th.  They are beautiful in their Christmas finery. We hand make Christmas blankets complete with bells and shop for shiny ornaments for their horns.  Our outdoor set is spruced up for the holidays as well. We add greenery to the split railing with soft red bows and bells. The snowy backdrop ads to Christmas theme with lighted mini trees all aglow. When we have the room, we often ride the Rein-Steers to greet your guest, jingling all the way! The Cowgirl Wranglers sport red and green and in the Holiday spirit as we take your photo on the Texas Rein-Steers. Providing the size of your family we can do a group photo.  The event photo can easily be taken to local store to order holiday cards if given enough time. Now that does say Christmas in Texas style!  

The University of Texas Folks sure do like the idea of The Rein-Steers. We have often provided the entertainment for their Holiday party. You should see the delighted faces as we give them a Christmas greeting as they join the party. Sending each guest home with a special holiday photo and a Christmas memory they won’t soon to forget. Heck, we have even delivered Christmas present’s by Texas Rein-Steer express for one lucky UT young lady. 

The Texas Rein-Steers are booked every year at the famous Hyatt “Lost Pines Resort” in Bastrop during the holiday’s. The Hyatt has a spectacular place for the Steers to perform. The ride in turns and twist thought the hundred’s of suites of the resort. The guest  first hear the bells of the blankets. Then the children call to their parent. “Look the Ladies are riding Cows!” The parents nearly fall over when they see with their own eyes!

That brings me to subject of Christmas parades. The Rein-Steers sure can be the most memorable thing in a Holiday parade. The camera’s start flashing upon their arrival. We often hear Cheers of “Their so beautiful” as we pass by. Others often echo ”Only in Texas!” 

We do several Christmas festivals and even Christmas in July. Everyone is in such a good mood. We get lots of emails trying to find us during Christmas. They have out of town guest that they want to show what is a Texas Rein-Steer. Those from afar have quite a story of a Texas Christmas visit and a photo to prove it! 

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