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How about bringing an old fashion favorite to your next Festival? Texas Longhorns are a great way to educate and really give your festival goers something to talk about. The Longhorn were a favorite with the old Wild West shows long ago, way before the plastic inflatable and all the high tech machines. Why not bring back the feeling of the old time county fair? We often hear “Oh I’m not going to the festival” When asked why they say “Oh it’s just the same old things year after year”. We can bring live, saddled Texas Longhorns with a true to Texas backdrop to boot! Our professional all female crew truly rocks the crowd with fun facts about the steers. Many folks often ask to our surprise “What are they?” “How much do they weigh?” “Do they bite?” “Do they loose their horns like the deer?” We see the true need to educate folks about the Texas Legends and the first cattle of the new America. We bring smiles to the seniors as they share a tale or two about cattle from long ago. Many tell of how they use to ride a cow to school. We often tell true tales of how the Texas Cowboy was invented to gather the Texas Longhorns. We share the unique facts of the Steers that enabled them to thrive and survive on their own without the help of men. What they eat and how God made them and how they evolved to be the famous Texas Longhorn. You see we are so much more than just another carnival game and well worth an appearance fee. 

We do offer the folks a chance to sit in the saddle on the Texas Longhorn for a photo. Our photographer will help pose folks for a 4x6 photo printed on site. The Steers trailer is specially equipped and is decorated with a Texas theme. Spit rail fencing surrounds the Steers, proudly displaying Texas and American flags and is seasonally decorated. We need at least a 30’x 30’ area with access to electricity for printers and lighting if needed. The display is big and showy surely to bring the wow factor to any event. We are often used in newspaper and TV stories to bring folks to the events. Our staff is trained to repeatedly ask folks to come to the event in such interviews. We welcome the events to use the Steers photo’s to advertise the event, showing folks it’s not just the same old games this year 

We travel all over Texas and often booked a year in advance. We require a deposit for most dates with payment in full at arrival. Holidays are normally booked way in advance with payment in full at the time of booking. We do carry one Million dollars of event insurance with us at all times and would 9185be happy to provide a copy.  

Check out our site www.txlonghornforhire.com or give Diana Tatum a call at 979 826