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Birthday Parties

Cow parties are a fun theme for parties for all ages. We have noticed a trend in themes this year of Cow parties. Just look at all that is offered on Ebay of cow balloons, table clothes and party favors. Just so happens my company can supply the living real deal. We have big beautiful Texas Longhorn photo Steers for all kinds of events such as your child’s birthday. I even have one Steer that hide looks like the cow print most used in decorations. His name is “Gateway” named after the famous cow print computer box. He is six years old and what we call our “Class clown” weighing just under 1800 lbs. He is full of personality and has soft large expressive eyes with black and white cow print hide. The kids love him, they say he looks like a giant stuffed animal with horns! You can see many photos of him on our site www.txlonghornforhire.com. The Longhorns usually travel with a buddy longhorn for their Birthday appearance. The Steers are saddled and we offer all guests a chance to set on the Longhorn for a photo. We print on site in 28 seconds. They photo’s are often used as a cute parting gift for the guest and a great way to remember the day. There is so many ways to this unique party idea to involve the guest. How about requesting the guest to wear cowboy attire to get party mode and just about everyone has a pair of jeans and a colorful shirt. There are cute cowboy badges that you may write every child name on that are so fun and helpful to host and us. The kids really get a kick when we ask “Come on Katie it’s your turn on the Longhorn!” they are so excited they have forgotten that their name is on their badge! Bandanas are inexpensive way to decorate or transform any guest into a Cowboy. Some folks are lucky enough to have a feed store near and a bale or two of hay can create a down on the farm effect. We can bring bales if requested. Homemade signs are fun to make for yard signs or directions to the party. You can make a sign for punch or drinks reading “Watering hole” or present table saying ‘gift corral.” Cook books and the Internet provides recipes for cow pattie cookies, cowboy trail mix, cow print cupcakes, cowboy punch and cow shapes cakes. Just making these simple treats at home can really save money and would be fun as a family to prepare for the party. Games can be as simple as pin the tail on the Cow as long as if is not the photo Steer!  I have even found a site that shows how to make cows out of cardboard boxes and painted cow print. If you are having a large party we have ponies and farm animal petting zoo available on request and are priced separately. Do keep in mind the space requirements and accessibility to the road for ponies and petting zoo. Remember having animals for parties are a way to build respect in a young person’s life for animals. Just give us a call for more unique party idea’s –979 826 9185